About Klearvision

Klearvision digital, Ltd., is a AI company at the forefront of color technology solutions, Automates Graphic Arts and Imaging workflows, through its AI Intelligent Expert System(IES)The Kolor-D product family provides an Automatic page elements handling, processing various Color Space Images, to the destination Output. Advanced state of the art Color Technology solutions for Graphic Arts, Digital Printing(inc. Ink Saving), Photo Services and imaging device vendors.


Kolor-D will enhance any business specializing in Graphic Arts, media services, and digital photographic color correction. Intelligent processing, through the use of the Expert System and Fuzzy Logic methods applied to each individual image, greatly enhances quality as well as substantially increasing the rate of production. 


KlearVision was founded in 2000 by Moshe Keydar, a leading Color Imaging Expert, together with other top experts in Color Science, Imaging Technology, Computer Vision and the application of Artificial Intelligence in commercial systems.


KlearVision aims at becoming a leader in the creation and development of the world's most advanced and innovative technology designed to automatically improve digital images.


KlearVision technology was engineered and developed in Israel. The company's business team resides in Europe, USA and Israel.


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