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Klearvision has received many testimonials and success stories from worldwide customers. Here are some of our latest ones.




June 2018



The SPIEGEL-Group is one of the most respected German media houses.

Our print magazines, TV productions and online offers an outstanding position in the German media landscape.

DER SPIEGEL, Germany's most important and Europe's largest news magazine, is read in more than 170 countries. For many years, we have worked together with KOLOR-D technology from KlearVision in image management.

Along with the restructuring of our house, the requirements for the system KOLOR-D were adjusted.

We have succeeded in achieving the essential goal of generating a fully automated image processing workflow, through KOLOR-D Color technology. At the same time the authentic imagery of our house was secured for printing and optimally processed.

KOLOR-D is automatically processing images, received from our various photographers and other sources.

KOLOR-D value is in high quality result, reliable, high efficiency and easy integration in our workflow. In the meantime, we also supply the derivates of our company beyond SPIEGEL.

The KlearVision team is a reliable and competent partner with fast support.

We thank you.

- DER SPIEGEL, Production department



CLX Europe is a leading factory in content creation. It works worldwide, has production sites in Italy, India and Thailand. Commercial sites are in Europe (Verona, Milano, London, Hamburg) and USA (New York, Austin). Clx has more 500 employees in the world. 


The main markets are:

- Luxury (Gruppo LVMH, Kerig, Prada, Trussardi...)

- Automotive (Ducati, Renault Volvo Trucks, OZ)

- Catalogue/Publishers (Mondo Convenienza, Gruppo Editoriale GEDI, Otto, Franke)

- Furniture/Industries (Leroy Merlin, Lago, Valcucine, Whirlpool, Candy)

CLX produces digital content in following segments:

- Still life fore e-commerce

- Adv Pages

- Colour Retouch

- CGI images and Videos

- Software solutions

Using the Intelligent Color Server - KOLOR-D from Klearvision:

KOLOR-D is used in CLX production, for Gruppo Editorials GEDI (the largest Publisher in Europe), KOLOR-D is streaming Tiff, Jpeg, PDF files directly in one pass, to CMYK with Ink Saving, using the KOLOR-D Intelligent processing.

We have installed 2 licenses single user + 2 licenses multiple user: total 6 instances works together in VMWare cluster/Windows OS. Every day we process an average of 4.200 images since 12am to 10pm (plus 1.5 million of images per year). Using IES Prefs, customized to our workflow, for various functions, every image element is processed automatically, fast with precision and great quality result.

Klearvision is our supplier since 2012. They are a flexible and efficient partner. Klearvision customised KOLOR-D according to our workflow requirements. The support is efficient, fast providing us SW solutions for new image formats and other needs.

- Daniele Parietti, CLX Europe, Verona



The B.Boll media group has been using Kolor-D since mid-2010 for image optimization. We were looking for an affordable alternative to the industry standard automated image processing solutions. Kolor-D has been an indispensable tool for us ever since. All images of all publisher publications undergo object-specific workflows. Kolor-D is hosted on a virtual machine and has been running smoothly for years. We just installed Version 10.5.1 in April 2018

- Thomas Kind, Dipl.-Journalist / IT Manager, Solinger Tageblatt


Trans-Image GmbH, a prepress and retouching company, has committed itself to getting the most out of any given template in order to achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Our customer base includes more than 25 weekly and monthly magazines in the fields of cosmetics, food, gardening, travel and leisure, each with different requirements that must be met.

In the search for the right method to process an image professionally there are many stumbling blocks. Knowing what the customer wants is only helpful to a service provider if he also knows how to translate this into actual results in the given time period that the customer is willing to pay for. Times are changing and hence are the tools.

When you have set your goal toward supporting professionals in the printing industry by helping them use their experience and handle very complex and cost-intensive retouching quickly, Klearvision offers the perfect solution with their Kolor-D software. On hand it leaves sufficient room for individual optimization while on the other hand allowing for complex, template-oriented corrective steps to be mastered automatically.

We are very confident that our cooperation with Klearvision will lead to many more ideas being successfully implemented in the future.

- Cemil Ates Kartal, CEO, Trans-Image GmbH


The Bauer Media Group is one of Europe‘s leading media companies. The Bauer family has managed the publishing company since its inception 136 years ago. This continuity in the corporate management is a unique feature of the family-run company and a contributing factor in its stable growth and success.

Around 8,000 employees at 15 locations in Europe, the US and Asia entertain and inform millions of people every day. In FY 2010 the Bauer Media Group generated EUR 2 billion in sales.

The value of benefits and savings appeared shortly after using the software Kolor-D in our editorial workflow in Madrid (Spain).

Now 60% of the modified pictures can be used without the need of additional color adjustments and the remaining of the pictures need less additional modifications.

- Oliver Wagener, Team Verlage

For 50 years we are among the largest and most advanced media service providers in Germany, now operating with two locations in Hamburg and Munich. The services offered by Albert Bauer Companies ranging from sophisticated specialty services seamlessly to the efficient implementation and control of complex production systems across all media, formats and boundaries. For many years the abc prepress department is a success model.

In this surrounding we have been using Klearvision software for five years now and have been very happy with the results. 

Especially after updating to their latest Kolor-D solution we increased our workflow with higher speed, better quality and great efficiency. By use of the Kolor-D intelligent automated analysis in combination of the many possible hotfolders and our customized preferences we can output our images dynamicly optimized. This optimization is due to our preferences individually set inside the hotfolders and process for requirements of output devices and regulations such as ISO-standardized data for offset, gravure and newspaper.

We are impressed with the science powering Kolor-D that delivers accurate, crisp and natural images to please our customers - it's amazing!

- Harald Dau, Managing Director, Albert Bauer Companies


We, the Otterbach Group, have decided to use the software Kolor-D of Klearvision.

We have already successfull integrated the solution with outstanding results in our workflow process.

By using Kolor-D it was possible to significantly increase efficiency.

- Otto Engelhard, Shareholder, Otterbach Group

For the production of our illustrated books from edition wartenau, especially the book of Harvestehude / Eppendorf we had unexpectedly quality problems with delivered RGB and CMYK image data. The result from the printing also led to a complaint, the customers were disappointed and a correction was necessary.

Fortunately we heard about the software Klearvision Kolor-D in a Hamburg prepress media house.
We took the final PDF to them, so this time it was processed with Kolor-D, that meant it analyzed automatically the PDF document, extracted image by image and optimized according to the preference setting to the new ISO standardized offset a press ready PDF document.

This automatic process was extremely efficient in time and quality, a quantum leap! Thanks to Klearvision's Kolor-D software, only by using this we had success finally and satisfied customers back.

- Peter Albers, CEO, edition wartenau

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