Board of Directors

Moshe Keydar



Moshe is the founder and the CEO of KlearVision. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University, and Masters of Science (M.Sc) Computer Vision, Weizmman Institute of Science. 

Moshe has over 25 years experience in the imaging market, being a part of innovative and successful technologies pertinent to high quality imaging products (CCD scanner, digital camera, ink-jet printers, digital printers, DFE, and image retouching systems). Moshe was employed at Scitex (13 years) and Creo (2 years), GretagMacbeth, X-rite at various Research and Development projects and other business activities involving the spectrum of geographic segments. In addition, he spent 7 years at other advanced industries, such as Aircraft Industries/Space Technologies.



Klaus-Hermann Otto

Director of Business Development, Europe


Klaus-Hermann Otto commenced his career as a reproduction photographer, eventually specializing in Graphic Arts, Time-Life (PDI) Scanners (USA). Klaus-Hermann held various management roles, including that of Studio Director (Electronic Page Make-Up Systems), Scitex, Israel.; Founding Member, European Color Initiative (ECI) and Color Management Systems expert, Albert Bauer Companies, Hamburg, Germany, a leading media service company. Klaus-Hermann is a highly qualified specialist in the field of Digital Imaging technology with many years of experience in Apple Macintosh computer- applications. 


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