Kolor-D Hotfolders

Kolor-D Hotfolders is designed for automatic workflows applicable to the Graphic Arts industry as well as media service houses. In addition to IES features Kolor-D Hotfolders possesses automatic workflow capabilities. A user can define both an Input and Output Hotfolder, allowing the system to first, consecutively monitor and edit sets of photos upon arrival, before transferring the enhanced set to a predefined Output folder, for further production. The expert system can detect a command string provided with a set of pictures and act upon those instructions.


Hotfolders Optional Configurations:

  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Network

Hotfolders Add-on: RAW, PDF, Ink Control



  • Fully automatic analysis and correction
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good quality images remain untouched
  • High productivity
  • Superior quality
  • Consistent and stable
  • Fast processing
  • Time saving
  • Economizes on consumables
  • Supports Customization


  • One time Install
  • Customization
  • One mouse click processes and saves multiple sets containing hundreds of images
  • ICC workflow
  • Confirm Window with RGB or CMYK, Gamma & Brightness Manual Controls
  • Single/Multiple (Input/Output) Hotfolders
  • Hotfolder Network
  • Hotfolder PDF


Automatically undertakes the following:

  • Photo analysis and enhancement
  • Fix of over/under exposure
  • Brightness improvement
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Gamma correction
  • Image Sharpen/Soften
  • Color cast removal
  • Fix color balance
  • Color enhancement
  • Dark/mid/highlight details enhancement
  • Extracts and displays any number of digital images from any storage device
  • Supports all known image formats
  • Preferences window for customization of: Dark/light details, white balance, color, skin tone, selective hues, sharpen/soften, Input/Output device, image size & resolution
  • RAW Module conversion and correction of RAW images (Add-on)
  • PDF Module enhancement of images within a PDF (Add-on)
  • Ink Control Module for ink saving (Add-on)

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