KlearVision digital introduces the Kolor-D product family, based on cutting edge innovative digital color imaging technology, and an Intelligent Expert System (IES).

Original Image
Original Image

Digital photos tend to suffer from image quality problems. These photo quality problems result from under exposure, over exposure, poor lighting conditions, bad focus...etc. Digital camera design cannot solve all quality problems, since photo quality is mainly a subjective issue with people in different countries having different preferences for photo colors.



After Kolor-D Correction
After Kolor-D Correction

Most existing image-analysis and correction methods are based on traditional signal processing techniques which rely on mathematical models, and do not take into account psychological elements in human visual perception. Other image enhancement tools are usually manually operated, with the user choosing the tools and parameters. The user then enhances the photos through a long exhausting trial and error process.


Kolor-D is a unique rule-based expert-system, that analyses each image using advanced intelligent digital imaging algorithms. It automatically performs image correction by means of fuzzy logic methods and artificial intelligence techniques. Kolor-D deduces automatically which tool to use as well as the value of the needed optimalparameters. The current Kolor-D technology benefits from years of Digital Imaging and Color Science technological expertise, Kolor-D emulates the decision-making ability of a graphics-art expert in order to automatically analyze and enhance the quality of digital photos. The edited photos take into account the subjective phenomenon of human visual perception and psychological elements.


Kolor-D  includes smart intelligent algorithms for the following automatic corrections.

  • Brightness Enhancement
  • Color Correction
  • Tone Adjustment
  • Smart Scaling
  • Area/Size based Auto Cropping
  • High Quality (3D) GrayBalance
  • Adaptive Image and Filter Based Sharpening
  • Innovative Noise Reduction Technique
  • Segmentation based skin tone enhancement
  • Adaptive Local/Global Contrast Enhancement


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